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RM42Sirloin Steak With Garlic Butter
RM22Classic Chicken Chop
RM28Grilled Chicken With Creamy Pasta
RM28Smoked Salmon With Asparagus

Salmon Rose In A Bed Of Lettuce With Lemon Wedges, Cream Cheese

RM35D' Dulang

Mixed of your choice of the fish finger, breaded prawn and potato wedges, served with coleslaw tartar sauce and chili sauce.

RM35The Mariner"s Fish N Chip

Deep Fried Fish Fillet Served With Fresh Side Salad, Fries, And Tartar Sauces

RM38Pan Seared Garlic Salmon
RM42Chicken Parmigianan

Pan Fried Chicken Breast, Coated With Breadcrumbs On Topped With concasse Tomato And Mozarella Cheese Served With sautee Spaghetti

RM42Crispy Chicken Chop

Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Served With Oriental Sauce Or Black Pepper Sauce, garden Vegetables And French Fries

RM43Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken

Marinated Breast Of Chicken With Honer, Lemon Juice And Herbs Served With Mashed Potato And Black Pepper Sauce

RM52Rosemary Lamb Shoulder 250 (Gram)

Versatile And Delicious Tender Lamb Shoulder Served With Mashed Potato And Green Vegetable And Black Pepper Sauce

RM54Poach Garlic Butter Salmon

Poach Salmon In Melted Butter, Garlic, Chop, Parsley With Asparagus, Lemon Wedges Served With Mashed Potato

RM68Charboiled New Zealand Sirloin Steak (280 Gram

A Perfectly flavoured and fabulous steak with asparagus baby tomato Baby carrot

RM78Charboiled New Zealand Tenderloin Steak (280 Gram)

A Select Cut From The Best Tenderloin, With Asparagus, Baby Tomato Baby Carrot, William Potato, Served With Black Pepper Sauce

RM85Braised Lamb Shank

Tender Lamb Shank, Slow Simmered And Fresh Rosemary, Garlic Tomato, Lemon Juice Excellent Served With Mashed Potato And Wonderful Sauce On Top

RM24Battered Fish N Chips
RM25Chargrilled Chicken Of Chicken Or Beef Burger

Home Made Patty With Lettuce, Tomato , Slice Cheese, Gherkin, Beef Bacon, Accompanied With Lossed Salad And French Fries

RM0Grilled Rib Eye

Perfect And Tender Rib Eye Steak With Asparagus, Baby Tomato Baby Carrot, William Potato, Served With Black Pepper Sauce

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